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Soft NorLam

Soft NorLam features two layers of woven polyester surrounding a Mylar core.© North SailsNorth Cloth was a driving force in the invention of laminated Mylar sailcloth in the 1970’s and early 80’s and our Soft NorLam™ Mylar/polyester laminates remain industry leaders today. Mylar film has been a key component of laminates because it combines low stretch and light weight at a reasonable cost. Soft NorLam looks and feels like woven sailcloth because the Mylar film is captured between two light, tough layers of woven polyester cloth. Mylar’s low stretch bolsters the cloth omnidirectionally, allowing the woven yarns to carry load in the primary strain directions (which the designed panel layout carefully matches), while limiting distortion off-threadline. Soft NorLam offers superior shapeholding, a twenty year pedigree of extended life, and great value in a range of cloth weights from 5 to 11oz. — well suited for boats from 20 to 60 feet.


SRP Spectra/Dyneema Hybrids

Handling high loads on bigger boats, saving weight aloft and maintaining excellent sail shape with engineered materials designed to go the distance at sea — these are the hallmarks of North Cloth’s SRP™ Spectra/Dyneema hybrid laminates. Spectra and Dyneema (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene - UHMWP) are equivalent products with nearly perfect for high-performance cruising sails because of their low weight, very high strength and extremely high stretch resistance. Perhaps most importantly for the offshore sailor, Spectra and Dyneema also feature unequaled resistance to wear from bending and flexing plus excellent UV resistance. Our SRP products are designed for maximum value in hybrid polyester and UHMWP-dense constructions requiring inherent durability.