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More Enjoyment through Better Performance

High quality equipment results in a better cruising experience, which is why more cruising sailors rely on North Sails than on any other sailmaker in the world. With our sails, your boat will sail with less heel, less helm, and less leeway, making the sailing faster and more fun for you and your crew.

Better Sail Shape through Better Design

A properly designed cruising sail will provide the widest possible steering and trimming range, allowing you to adjust to any change of conditions. Every cruising sail we make is custom-designed for your boat and your sailing based on an empirical library of cruising-specific sail shape, resulting in a better cruising experience.

Cruising sails don’t have to be overweight and bulky to be strong and durable. Well-engineered sails made from refined materials mean better furling and flaking, smoother tacking and gybing, and more efficient sail handling and storage.

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Longer Lifespan through Better Construction

Durability is the top priority for any cruising sailor – and durability is determined by much more than materials. It’s the shape that goes first, so engineering, construction, and even components all affect a sail’s usable lifespan. That’s why we maintain control of the entire manufacturing process. The quality is apparent from the moment you hoist your new sail.

At North Sails, we take manufacturing seriously:

  • Proprietary sail materials manufactured by North Cloth
  • All of our sails are built in our own factories
  • We develop and maintain the best and most modern 
sailmaking equipment
  • We employ the largest and best-trained staff of 
  • We use tried and true manufacturing techniques 
documented in our comprehensive Blue Books
  • We deploy industry-leading quality assurance, from raw 
material testing to finished goods compliance
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Adventure on your own terms

Going to sea is no small undertaking, and cruising with our sails enables a feeling of assuredness that will help you follow your passions. Whether you are leaving the land behind, exploring new cultures, or simply sharing leisure time with friends and family, North Cruising Sails can take you where you want to go.

North Sails Waterlogs

North Sails Waterlogs is a compilation of adventures recounted by sailors exploring the far corners of the world’s oceans. Joining the collective spirit of a diverse cruising community, we share their journeys from the Pacific Islands to the Caribbean, from South Africa to Spitzbergen, and beyond. Meet our Adventurers →