Our People


Our people are team players, who are driven not by designations but by being passionate about what they do. We are armed with a friendly, professional, responsible and enthusiastic team of individuals who blend well with our exceptional culture. They actively and willingly take part in development activities and share knowledge and experience with their colleagues. Our people embrace limitless growth opportunities under our wings.

Our Culture

We believe in exceeding customer expectations and we are committed to achieve this. The technical know-how of our people, coupled with close attention to every detail, has resulted in the production best quality sails worldwide. We are a closely–knit family that trusts each other. Our culture does not encourage red tape. They are treated equally and with respect, irrespective of who they are.

The non-hierarchical flat organizational structure of the company encourages different personalities to become customer focused. Everything we do is woven around innovative and flexible processes and better compensation. Our relationships benefit from open communication channels, which has also resulted in the creation of a friendly working environment, where ideas are discussed and implemented. This has assisted in both qualitative and quantitative improvement of our products and leaderships. Trust is the cornerstone of our bond, allowing our people to think beyond. We simply live our dreams.

Employee Development

We strive to develop and nurture our people through orientations, skill development programmes, team building sessions and knowledge enhancement programmes, to help them become front-runners of the organization’s drive towards success.

Health and Safety

We are committed to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment to ensure the health and safety of all our people and external parties who may be affected by our activities. We pay close attention to competency, skill development and sustainability of our people to create awareness on the importance of a continuously improving safe and risk free work environment.

We regularly review and update all safety aspects, procedures and their impact with periodic risk assessments and hazard identifications, to ensure that we comply and meet the stipulated standards.

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