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Technical Resources

You know when it feels right. It’s that moment when you could almost let go of the wheel and the boat could steer itself. A boat in perfect balance. Racing… Read More

All sails can be described using four basic criteria – Size, Shape, Style and Specifications Size quantifies the two dimensional aspects of the sail: luff, leech and foot lengths, and… Read More

This is a very light sail for drifting conditions. Used when a full size, heavier weight sail will not pressurize or remain stable. Wind Seekers are commonly made in forgiving… Read More

Nautor’s Swan, along with naval architect Juan Kouyoumdjian, have conceived a new 50ft yacht. The Club Swan 50 places great focus on performance while staying true to the company’s world-renowned… Read More

When a new high-performance boat comes on the market, the pressure is on to meet the expectations of everyone involved in the project: the designer, builder, class promoters, industry providers,… Read More

As a company we are proud of our many successes on the race course and based on our track record, one might easily assume that North Sails is focused only… Read More

Sail Plan Dimension Descriptions The basic rig dimension for a yacht are generally understood. However, there are some differences in how some sailors describe these dimensions. Here is how we… Read More

The name Code Zero means different things to different sailors. What started out as a straightforward but innovative concept, has evolved into an entire category of sails still under development…. Read More

When a wing (like a sail or a keel or centerboard) produces lift, an accompanying drag force is generated called induced drag. This is related to pressure that is lost… Read More

Sails are Flexible Wings. It is useful to recognize what a typical sail is. They are normally built from a flexible material in order to allow the sail to work… Read More

Modern sailcloth begins life as industrial fiber and film. Some of these products are well known to sailors by a specific supplier’s brand name; but in many cases the material… Read More

The most significant contributor to the lifespan of a sail is the material. Cruising Sailcloth must be strong and low stretch. It must also be tough – resistant to abrasion,… Read More

North Sails will fit your boat This means all of the two dimensional aspects of the sail (luff, leech, foot length, clew height and attachment offsets) will be right. If… Read More