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Sail Materials

Building high quality sails means using the best materials. Since our inception, North Sails has consistently delivered industry-changing advances in sailmaking technology, developing new materials to fit the needs of a wide range of boats and types of sailing. These innovations have created an exclusive line of sail materials ranging from woven polyester, racing, and cruising laminates to 3Di composites. Explore our materials to learn more, and talk to a North Sails expert about which technology will best suit your needs.

3Di™ is a unique, patented sailmaking technology that produces the world’s fastest and most durable sails. 3Di sails mimic the balanced load bearing and shape holding of a rigid airfoil wing. They are composed of ultra-thin unidirectional spread filament tapes, pre-impregnated with thermoset adhesive, arranged in a complex multiple-axis array, and three-dimensionally molded into a one-piece, flexible composite membrane.

A spread filament tape is an individual yarn that has been spread out until the individual filaments lie side-by-side; forming an ultra-thin “tape.” This exclusive technology enables 3Di sails to be made from fiber and adhesive only—without the need for Mylar film.

North’s proprietary automated tape laying system allows designers precise control over the placement and orientation of material within each sail. This unitary, monolithic construction produces an airfoil that has balanced resistance to distortion in all directions. Less distortion = more speed.




Strong Smooth Seamless


North Panel Laminate sailcloth is produced using the most advanced laminator in the world. Our machine was designed by our own materials engineers and purpose-built for laminating sailcloth. North Sails has been manufacturing exclusive cloth in our Sri Lanka facility since 2010. A fully integrated and powerful computer code controls the entire laminating process. Our perfectionist level of control ensures the highest possible quality laminated materials.

The magic of North Paneled Laminates is found in our Exact x-ply machine, which we introduced in 2014. A rotating creel unique to North Sails, it allows on-the-fly application of variable-angle x-scrims, enabling laminate constructions that cannot be copied elsewhere for an entirely new generation of scrim-style sails.

Our proprietary construction process allows for exceptional laminate bonding with minimal use of adhesives. The resulting product is functionally superior sails; lighter weight, higher strength, and increased durability compared to non-North laminates.

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Stronger Cruising Laminates

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World Leading Laminates

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High Performance Reaching Sails

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NPC is the North Sails woven polyester product family. North Sails has a long tradition of making dacron sails since the fiber was first introduced as a sailcloth in the 1950’s. Today we control every aspect of the cloth manufacturing processes – using our experience to ensure the highest quality products for both cruising and racing applications. Our North Sails’ materials engineering team focuses on developing and producing sailcloth that will enhance your sailing experience while maximizing the value of your new sail purchase. High-quality weaving and finishing of the perfect combination of yards for the intended purpose, results in high performance with exceptional durability.

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Radial Revolution

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Maximum Downwind Performance

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